MAC addresses

The following interconnect settings are for Ethernet interconnects and do not apply to Fibre Channel interconnects.

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Download MAC table

Click to download the MAC address information available for the Ethernet interconnects that are powered on, operational, and managed by the appliance.

Any previous download is deleted before generating a new one. The downloaded file is in a compressed CSV file format so that you can manipulate the data using software of your choice, such as Microsoft Excel.

MAC Addresses

Number of MAC addresses shown, up to 100.


Physical interconnects of the logical interconnect.



  • CPU

  • LAG ID

  • Uplink port

  • Downlink port

  • Subport


MAC address for the interconnect.

MAC address type:

A dynamic MAC address that has been learned by an interconnect from other devices on the network.


A MAC address of the interconnect module management processor in the same logical interconnect. Primarily learned on the stacking links through the exchange of internal management traffic or through the association with multicast traffic streams.


Network name.

External VLAN

External VLAN ID.

Internal VLAN

Internal VLAN ID.

Interconnect drop-down

Select an interconnect from the drop-down list to filter MAC addresses by interconnect.

Address search

Enter a MAC address to filter MAC addresses by address number.

Network search combo

Enter a network or select a network from the drop-down list to filter MAC addresses by network.

External VLAN search combo

Enter an external VLAN ID or select an external VLAN ID from the drop-down list to filter MAC addresses by external VLAN ID.