Uplink Sets

Screen component


Uplink set name



Connection mode

(Ethernet only)

Connection mode for the uplink set.


The uplinks determine the active path.


The standby uplink to be used in case of connectivity loss in the preferred uplink. This uplink becomes the new active network path.

LACP timer

(Ethernet with automatic connection mode only)

The frequency of exchange of Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) control messages between devices in a Link Aggregation Group (LAG).

Short (1s)

Every 1 second with a 3 second timeout

Long (30s)

Every 30 seconds with a 90 second timeout

See Manage the frequency of control messages through the LACP timer for more information.


(Fibre Channel networks only)

The name of the network assigned to this uplink set, followed by the connection type: Fabric attach or Direct attach.

The network name is a hyperlink to an overview of the network on the Networks screen.


(Ethernet or FCoE networks only)

The number of Ethernet or FCoE networks assigned to this uplink set, followed by the network names and VLAN IDs. Add FCoE networks to uplink sets with FCoE capable ports that are all on the same interconnect.

Each network name is a hyperlink to an overview of the networks on the Networks screen.

Login redistribution

(Fibre Channel networks only)

The login redistribution type: Auto or Manual.


(Fibre Channel networks only)

The configured port speed for Fibre Channel uplink ports. The available discrete values are based on the adapter and the Fibre Channel interconnect.


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