Connect servers directly to a storage system

You can connect an enclosure to a storage system using direct attach (also known as Flat SAN) on a Fibre Channel network. There are two options for connecting to a storage system:

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Network administrator

  • SAN storage volumes are configured and available to attach to the profile

  • FlexFabric interconnects are configured

  1. Create a direct-attach Fibre Channel network.
  2. Create a logical interconnect group.
  3. Create an enclosure group and assign the logical interconnect group you created in step 2 to it.
  4. Add an enclosure that is connected to a storage system and assign it to the enclosure group you created in step 4.
  5. Create a server profile that connects the direct-attach Fibre Channel network to the server hardware you want to connect to your storage system:

    The server hardware must be powered off before you add it to a server profile or edit a server profile it is associated with.

    1. From the Server hardware list, choose the server hardware you want connected to the storage system.
    2. Click Add connection.
    3. For Device type, select Fibre Channel.
    4. For Network, select the Fibre Channel direct-attach network you created in step 1.
    5. Supply the data requested on the rest of the screen and click Add.
    6. In the SAN Storage section, click Manage SAN Storage.
    7. Set the Host OS Type.
    8. Click Add Volume.
    9. Select the Volume Name.
    10. Set the LUN type.
    11. Confirm the storage paths.
    12. Click Add.
    13. Supply the data requested on the rest of the screen and click Create.
    14. Verify that the profile was created in the master pane.
  6. Power on a server.
  7. Verify a healthy status for connections in the Activity screen and associated resources.