Power down a power delivery device

You can use the Power Delivery Devices screen to power down power delivery devices for troubleshooting or servicing.

For example, if a server iLO is not responding to the network, you cannot send a reset request. As an alternative, you can power off and then power on the outlet powering the server, which causes it to reset. (If there is redundant power, you need to reset both power sources.)

You can also power down power delivery devices, such as unused outlets, to prevent circuit breaker overload. If the power consumption on a device is 0 (zero), and HPE Intelligent Power Discovery does not report a connection, you can power down the unused device so that no one can plug a device in to the PDU.


If you attempt to power down a server that is already powering down, a notification is displayed in the Notifications area.


Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator

  1. From the main menu, select FACILITIES > Power Delivery Devices.
  2. In the master pane, select the power delivery device you want to power down and select Actions > Power off.