Add a power delivery device

You can add two classes of power delivery devices to your data center:
iPDU power delivery devices

When you add an iPDU, the appliance automatically detects the iPDU and all of its components (such as HPE Intelligent Load Segments, HPE Intelligent Extension Bars, and HPE Intelligent Outlets) during the device discovery process. It also automatically configures connections to the power supplies on enclosures and servers. To add an iPDU, you must enter iPDU credentials (name and password) before the discovery process begins.

Non-iPDU power delivery devices

Power delivery devices that the appliance cannot discover are considered unmanaged. You must provide configuration information about them before the appliance can add and analyze them. Entering configuration information about these unmanaged devices, ensures more accurate analysis of power capacity, power consumption, and redundancy.

For more information about the types of power delivery devices, see About power delivery devices.


Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator

  1. From the main menu, select FACILITIES > Power Delivery Devices, and do one of the following:
    1. Click + Add power delivery device in the master pane.
    2. Select Actions > Add.

    The Actions menu is not present until you add at least one power delivery device.

  2. Enter the data requested on the screen. See Add or edit a power delivery device if you need assistance with your entries.
  3. Click Add to add the power delivery device or click Add + to add another power delivery device.
    • If, after clicking Add, you see a message stating that the appliance is unable to add the power delivery device because it is claimed by another management system, see Add an iPDU currently being managed by another management system for more information.

    • When a power delivery device is set up in HTTPS mode and is added to HPE OneView, a self-signed certificate or a system-generated certificate is displayed in HPE OneView. Click Accept to continue adding the power delivery device.

  4. Verify that the power delivery device has been added in the master pane.