About moving a server profile

You can move a server profile to another piece of server hardware; for example, if you are removing one piece of server hardware and replacing it with another that is similar. The move operation enables you to quickly change the hardware destination without rebuilding the entire server profile.

If you cannot move a server profile directly to the new server hardware, you can change it to unassigned. This enables you to retain server profiles that are not currently assigned to any server.


SAN attached volumes are configured such that they do not present the volume to the server that the profile was moved from. Access to the volumes is only allowed by the server hardware assigned to the profile.


When you move a server profile to a different enclosure, and the profile is configured to boot from a direct attach storage device, you must manually update the boot connection of the profile to specify the WWPN that is used for the storage device that is directly attached to the destination enclosure.

Each enclosure connects to a different port of the direct attach storage device, so the WWPN for that storage device is different for each enclosure. If you do not specify the correct WWPN and LUN for the device, the server does not successfully boot from that boot target.


When you move a server profile to a different server, and the profile is managing internal local storage, you must manually move the physical disks from the original server to the new server in order to preserve your data.


Before moving a server profile from one server to another, you must power off both the servers.