Logical drives and unique identifiers

If you configure new logical drives in your server profile or import the existing logical drives from the server hardware, HPE OneView stores a unique identifier for each logical drive in the server profile configuration when the server profile is applied.

On subsequent server profile apply operations, HPE OneView checks for the existence of the identifier on the physical drives of the assigned server hardware. If the identifier is missing, the apply operation fails in order to ensure that if the server profile is re-assigned to new server hardware and that the physical drives are inserted correctly.

HPE OneView also uses the logical drive name (label) as a unique identifier.
  • Do not modify the label of logical drives that are managed by HPE OneView.

  • Do not create logical drives with non-unique labels.

HPE OneView erases the current identifier in a server profile apply operation if any of the following conditions exist:

  • Re-initialize controller on next profile application is selected.
  • The logical drive has been deleted from the server profile.

  • The storage controller is set to managed manually.