About editing a server profile template

Edit a server profile template to change the settings associated with that template. You can edit a server profile template any time after it has been created. You can also edit a server profile template that has an Error condition to make corrections.

When you edit a server profile template, the appliance analyzes the changes and updates the template configuration. Then, all the server profiles associated to the template are evaluated for compliance and a notification is given indicating the number of profiles that will be affected by the change. The profiles are marked as non-compliant.

You can either Update from template on the server profile screen to accept the changes from the template, or Edit Server Profile to perform manual edits. For more information about compliance remediation, see About server profile consistency validation.


Server hardware must be powered off to update from template, unless the changes that are made can be made online. This includes changes to networks, network bandwidth, and others.

When you edit a server profile template, consider the following:

  • Server profile template names must be unique.

  • You cannot switch between virtual and physical identifiers for the following:

    • Serial number/UUID

    • MAC address

    • WWN