Server Profile

Server profile description

Description of the server profiles associated with the server profile template.

Server hardware type

Identifies the server hardware provisioned. The server hardware type determines the provisioning settings available, such as the BIOS settings.

Enclosure group

Defines the enclosure group used to configure the enclosure. The enclosure group provides the interconnect information you need to determine the available networks.


Controls remove-and-replace behavior for servers. If you apply a server profile to a server and the server is subsequently removed from the device bay, the Affinity setting controls whether the server profile is reapplied when you insert a server into the empty bay. Rack servers do not have affinity.
Device bay

The server profile assigned to the device bay is applied to any server you insert into the bay, provided the server hardware type of the inserted server matches the server hardware type specified.

Device bay + server hardware

The server profile assigned to the device bay is not applied if you insert a server into the bay and it does not match the serial number and server hardware type listed in the server profile.