About Superdome Flex firmware update configuration options

When updating HPE Superdome Flex Server firmware bundle, the following options display to install a new firmware baseline:

The following options are available only after you add a rack manager into HPE OneView.

  • Firmware baseline — The Firmware Bundles page lists all the bundles that are available in the HPE OneView repository. You can upload bundles into the appliance repository from Firmware Bundles and set the firmware baseline from Rack Managers using the Update firmware option from the Actions menu.

    • Managed manually — Default value. Not managed by HPE OneView.


      The affected components of the selected rack manager are displayed before updating the firmware.

    • HPE Superdome Flex Server Firmware Bundle x.y.xyz — If you have already added the firmware bundles, then Firmware baseline displays options to select the bundle for the firmware. Once selected, HPE OneView updates the server with the firmware that matches the specified baseline. The baseline is set for each of the rack manager platform components such as chassis, systems (nPartitions), and Rack Management Controller (RMC).

      • Force reinstall — When you add another hardware such as a chassis, HPE OneView requires that you reinstall the firmware bundle. This reinstallation is to keep the hardware and its firmware in compliance with the existing firmware baseline. The Force reinstall option is displayed when you select the current version or a similar version (patch for the current version) of the firmware bundle from Firmware baseline.

        Once you select Force reinstall, a warning message is displayed about the reinstallation of the same version firmware bundle on all the components. Force reinstall reapplies the firmware bundle on all the components according to the specified baseline.

        If you do not select the Force reinstall check box, HPE OneView updates only those components that are not in compliance with the existing firmware baseline.

      • Force downgrade — This check box is displayed when you select an older version of the firmware bundle than the version that is installed, from Firmware baseline.

        Force downgrade downgrades the firmware according to the baseline specified.

        If the new firmware is causing issues in your environment, revert to the previous version by selecting the Force downgrade option.

        • Once you select Force downgrade, a warning message is displayed about the downgrading of firmware on all the components.

        • Forcing a firmware downgrade can result in installation of unsupported firmware and cause the hardware to cease operation.

        • Forcing a firmware downgrade might leave the server unstable and might result in slower installation speeds.

        • When the Superdome Flex firmware is upgraded to version 3.0.512 or later, HPE OneView detects this change and automatically switches from Monitored state to Managed state.

        • When you downgrade the Superdome Flex firmware from version 3.0.512 or later to version 2.x.y (outside of HPE OneView), HPE OneView does not switch automatically from Managed state to Monitored state. Before downgrading the firmware from version 3.0.512 or later to version 2.x.y, make sure to unassign the server profile, if any, from the nPartition and remove the rack manager.

        • After downgrading the Superdome Flex firmware version to 2.x.y, you can reimport the Superdome Flex into HPE OneView in Monitored state. Server profile is not supported for Superdome Flex with firmware versions earlier than 3.0.512.

  • Affected Components
    • Selected: The version of firmware to be updated.
      • OK — The selected baseline firmware is already installed.

      • Update to — The firmware update action will update the component to this version.

      • not set — The Managed Manually option is selected in Firmware baseline.

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