About Superdome Flex firmware bundle

HPE OneView provides firmware update capabilities for the HPE Superdome Flex Server platform along with Smart Update Manager (SUM) and Smart Update Tools (SUT) support. You can update the Superdome Flex with Superdome Flex firmware bundles and set the firmware to a specified baseline.

HPE Superdome Flex Server firmware bundle includes updates for built-in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), Baseboard Management Controllers (BMC), Rack Management Controller (RMC), and UEFI.

Superdome Flex puts together all BMC, FPGA, RMC, and UEFI firmware as a single mission-critical tested package which is updated as a single item. Applying a single package of firmware to the RMC, applies the package to all the nPartitions. To keep the system reliability intact and unaffected, HPE OneView does not support updating the UEFI version for a single-server nPartition in the server profile.

  • Starting from HPE OneView version 5.0 and later, the Managed state is supported on Superdome Flex firmware version 3.0.512 or later.

  • For firmware versions earlier than 3.0.512, the rack manager is imported into HPE OneView in the Monitored state.

  • Starting from HPE OneView 5.0, you can update the Superdome Flex firmware on the rack manager. The minimum required firmware version on the rack manager is 2.5.x.

  • Firmware updates must be done manually (outside of HPE OneView) after adding the rack manager, in the following scenarios:
    • Firmware updates of version 2.3.x or 2.4.98 to version 2.5.x

    • Firmware updates of version 2.3.x to version 2.4.98

  • Superdome Flex firmware bundles are not applicable for HPE ProLiant servers and shared infrastructure.

  • Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) is not applicable for HPE Superdome Flex Server.

  • Firmware updates can be done on HPE OneView for Superdome Flex starting from firmware version 2.5.x or later. See the HPE OneView Support Matrix for supported configurations for Superdome Flex.

  • You cannot create custom firmware bundles for Superdome Flex.

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