Add a rack

Adding a rack brings it under the management of the appliance, and creates a diagram that depicts the rack and its slots. After you add the rack, you can configure the layout of the devices in it.

If HPE iPDUs (Intelligent Power Distribution Units) are powering devices in a rack, the appliance infers that they are present in the rack and automatically adds them to the rack layout. The appliance displays a notification indicating that this is an inferred placement.

To clear an inferred placement notification and ensure that the appliance displays the iPDUs in the correct position, edit the rack layout so that it displays the actual position of the iPDUs, and then save the rack layout.

  • HPE BladeSystem enclosures automatically create an enclosing rack in the appliance during the discovery process completed earlier, based on the name configured in the HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator. If a rack contains a mixture of enclosures and other devices, add the rack-mount systems and other devices into the rack.

  • HPE ProLiant Servers mounted in Intelligent Series Racks are automatically grouped in racks in the proper positions. The rack serial number provides the initial rack names.

  • c7000 enclosures that are mounted in Intelligent Series Racks, but do not support HPE Location Discovery Services will not automatically be placed into the same rack as enclosures that support Location Discovery Services, even if they are linked using management link cables. To correct this, remove all racks other than the one associated with the enclosure(s) that support location discovery services, and then edit its layout to add the other enclosure(s).

  • If you mount multiple enclosures in the same physical rack, but you do not connect them using management link cables, then the appliance shows them as being in different racks. To correct this, remove all but one of the racks (see Remove a rack from management), and then edit the layout of the remaining rack to add the other enclosures.


Privileges: Infrastructure administrator or Server administrator

  1. From the main menu, select FACILITIES > Racks, and do one of the following:
    • Click + Add rack in the master pane .

    • Select Actions > Add.

  2. Enter the data requested on the screen. See Add or edit a rack if you need assistance with your entries.
  3. Click Add to add a rack, or click Add + to add another rack.

    When you add a rack, the appliance shows it in all data centers until you place it in a specific data center. The appliance notifies you when you view a data center that contains unplaced racks. See Changing the layout of a data center

    to learn more.

  4. Verify that the rack has been added in the master pane.

Once you have added a rack, you can add, remove, and reposition the devices in it. See Change the layout of devices in a rack to learn more.