About remote support

Register with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to allow automatic case creation for hardware failures on servers and enclosures and to enable Proactive Care. Once enabled, all eligible devices added in the future will be automatically enabled for remote support.

Enabling Remote Support

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends enabling all features and benefits provided by HPE OneView Remote Support so you can receive fast, accurate 'phone home' support and service per your contractual terms with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Hewlett Packard Enterprise securely collects your HPE IT hardware diagnostics, configuration and telemetry information to provide you with remote support and services. The data is handled and managed to respect your privacy. For more information, Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Privacy Statement can be found at http://privacy.hpe.com.

Enabling Remote Support configures your devices being remotely supported to securely send support or service events, IT configuration information, diagnostic, and telemetry information to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, together with your support contact information. No other business information is collected and the data is managed according to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Privacy Statement.

Consent to be contacted

By checking the box labeled "Yes, I consent to having HPE or my HPE authorized reseller contact me about optimizing my IT environment" you agree to allow Hewlett Packard Enterprise or your HPE authorized reseller to access your collected configuration information and contact you with recommendations to purchase additional hardware and software products to optimize your IT environment. These providers may be located in other countries than your HPE IT hardware location(s). HPE resellers are required to keep information received from HPE confidential and may use it only for the purpose of providing advisories and recommendations on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

To withdraw your consent, uncheck the box labeled "Yes, I consent to having HPE or my HPE authorized reseller contact me about optimizing my IT environment".


You will have the option to specify your HPE authorized reseller(s) or support provider(s) during setup of HPE OneView Remote Support.

Only the HPE authorized resellers and support providers you associate with your devices can receive your configuration data to individually contact you to make IT environment recommendations, sell or deliver solutions.

For products eligible for Remote Support, see the HPE OneView Support Matrix.

  • Servers must be at iLO 2.1 firmware level or above to be enabled for remote support.

  • When HPE OneView is in FIPS-120 mode, remote support can continue to operate. The incompatible alert displayed on HPE OneView can be safely ignored for the VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5 certificate. The remote support back-end service validates TLS connections using Verisign or Symantec certificate chains bundled with HPE OneView. Starting November 2018, the remote support back-end service will move to DigiCert root and intermediate certificates which are FIPS-120 compliant. DigiCert root and intermediate certificates are bundled with HPE OneView 4.1.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise will contact you to ship a replacement part or send an engineer for devices that are under warranty or support contract.

Remote support enables Proactive Care services including Proactive Scan reports and Firmware/Software Analysis reports with recommendations that are based on collected configuration data.

Remote support is secure. No business data is collected, only device-specific configuration and fault data. All communications are outbound only and use industry standard TLS encryption ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the information. The data is handled and managed to respect your privacy.