The details available in the General view depend on the SAN manager type.

Screen component


All SAN managers

SAN manager type

Type of SAN manager; can be Brocade Fabric OS (FOS), Cisco, or HPE.


State of the SAN manager; Managed or Unknown.


Version of the SAN manager software.

Used by

The number of SANs used by the SAN manager. The number is a link to a filtered view of those SANs on the SANs screen.

HPE and Cisco SAN managers


The model name of the SAN manager.


Port on which the switch listens for SNMP requests. The default port is 161.

SNMP user name

SNMPv3 user name for accessing the SAN manager.

Security level

The SNMP security level setting on the SAN manager; can be Authentication, Authentication and privacy, or None (HPE SAN managers only)

Authentication protocol

The authentication protocol setting on the SAN manager; can be SHA or MD5.

Privacy protocol

The privacy protocol setting on the SAN manager; can be DES-56, AES-128, or 3DES (HPE SAN managers only).