Migrate Brocade SAN management from BNA to FOS REST

By migrating Brocade SAN management from BNA to FOS REST, you can do the following:
  • Change a SANs primary SAN manager from BNA SAN manager to FOS SAN manager with no server disruption.

  • Manage SAN zone configuration using the FOS REST API of the switch in data centers without impacting the configured server profiles or running applications.


Privileges: Infrastructure administrator and Storage administrator

  1. From the main menu, select STORAGE > SAN Managers, and do the following:
  2. Click + Add SAN manager in the master pane.
  3. Select Brocade FOS switch as SAN manager type.
  4. Enter the IP address and credentials of the switch.
  5. From the main menu, select STORAGE > SANs, and do the following:
    1. In the master pane, select the BNA SAN you want to edit.

    2. Hover your pointer in the details pane and click the Edit icon.

  6. Change the Primary SAN manager to FOS switch SAN manager.

    This action performs no configuration changes to the SAN switches.

  7. Ensure that the health status of the SANs in the master pane is green. If the status is red or yellow, resolve the alerts and notifications relevant to the SAN in the Activity area.
  8. Before migrating another SAN configuration, verify if the FOS REST API switch is functioning properly.
  9. To migrate a second SAN to use another Primary SAN manager, repeat Steps 2 and Step 3.
  10. After removing the BNA SAN Manager as the primary SAN manager from all the SANs, remove the BNA SAN Manager from HPE OneView.