Scope-enabled resource categories

Only the following resource types can be added to or removed from a scope:

  • Enclosures

  • Server Hardware

  • Networks (Ethernet, FC, and FCoE)

  • Network Sets

  • Interconnects, excluding SAS resources

  • Logical Interconnects, excluding SAS resources

  • Logical Interconnect Groups, excluding SAS resources

  • OS Deployment Plans

  • Switches

  • Logical Switches

  • Logical Switch Groups

  • Rack Managers

  • Storage Pools

  • Volumes

  • Volume Templates

  • Volume Sets


For email notification of alerts, resources that are not categorized here are included in any scope. An email notification filter that specifies one or more scopes does not eliminate alerts generated by resources that are not currently categorized here.

Inhibiting alerts from non-scope resources requires the use of associated resource categories, which is described in Edit an email recipient and filter entry.

More information

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