Add server hardware

Rack servers are the only type of server hardware added via the Server Hardware screen. To add a server blade, see Add server hardware to managed enclosures.


Forcibly adding a rack server that is managed by another appliance for monitoring will make it inaccessible to the other management system.

iLO IP addresses or host names

A list of iLO IP addresses, ranges of IP addresses, or host names of rack servers' iLO management processors. The imported rack server is named using the iLO subsystem name.
  • No more than 1024 IP addresses and host names are processed at a time.
  • For ranges of IP address, only IPv4 addresses are accepted. The ranges of IP address may include non-iLO devices, previously added addresses, or unused addresses.
  • Entries in the list can be on separate lines, or separated with commas or spaces.
  • Multi-system discovery is initiated when you attempt to add two or more rack mount servers by entering a list of names or IP addresses, or one or more IP ranges into the Add Server Hardware dialog box. Multi-system discovery runs in the background. Only one discovery task runs at a time, but single servers are still added while a discovery task is running. Refer the Activity screen to view the systems being added.

Add server hardware as

Select whether you want to manage or monitor the rack server.


You can apply configurations, deploy server profiles, analyze operation status, collect statistics, and alert users to specific conditions.


You can view hardware for inventory and status information only.


Controls the initial assignment of the created resource to scopes.

Users with create permissions that are restricted by scope must assign resources to one or more restrictive scopes to be able to manage a resource.

Users with create permissions that are not restricted by scope are not required to assign resources to a scope to be able to manage a resource. Users with no scope restrictions can assign any resource to any scope.

User name

iLO login name of an account with administrator user accounts privilege.

Default value:



iLO password


The license type for the server hardware. See About licensing to learn more.

HPE OneView Advanced

Contains both an HPE OneView Advanced license and an iLO Advanced license.

Applies an HPE OneView Advanced and a permanent iLO Advanced license to the server hardware.

HPE OneView Advanced w/o iLO

Applies an HPE OneView Advanced license to the server hardware.