Server name

The name of the server as reported by the iLO. The running operating system automatically sets the DNS hostname or NetBIOS name of the server when the Agentless Management Service is installed (Gen8 or newer) or the HP SNMP Agents are installed (G7). This name can also be set manually on the iLO.


The server hardware state such as Profile Applied, No Profile Applied, Unmanaged, or Monitored.

Server profile

Enables you to view the server profile assigned to the server, and facilitates creating and adding a server profile if the server does not have one.

Use the server profile hyperlink to see the server profile assigned to the server. Use the add server profile hyperlink to navigate to the page for defining a profile.

Once a profile is applied you will also see the health state.

Server power

Power status (on or off) of the server


Model, which is the same as the product name. You see xn at the end of the model name, where n is the number of chassis or blades in a partition.

Server hardware type

The server hardware type of this server. Server hardware types enable you to assign server profiles to hardware based on a certain server hardware type. Server hardware type is also a link that will take you to the definition of that server hardware type.

Product ID

Identification number of the server model

Serial number

Factory serial number of the server


The license type applied to the server hardware.


The universally unique identifier (UUID) for server hardware


The host name, IPv4, and IPv6 addresses for the server iLO.

When you click a host name, IPv4, or IPv6 address, HPE OneView will attempt to connect to the iLO web UI (using that host name or address) and automatically sign you in. Because your network configuration might not allow a connection to particular addresses or host names, you might have to click different addresses before you find one where the connection succeeds.


Enclosure and bay number for the server. The enclosure is a hyperlink to the Enclosures screen. The rack is a hyperlink to the Racks screen.

The unit location of the chassis within the rack. The rack manager is a hyperlink to the Rack Managers screen. The rack is a hyperlink to the Racks screen.

Powered by

Power delivery device or devices that are connected to the server hardware

Asset tag

Identifies hardware for tracking and inventory purposes

Maximum power

The maximum power the device can consume in watts


CPU type and speed


Amount of memory

ROM Version

Version of the server firmware or rack server firmware

iLO version

Version of the installed iLO firmware

Intelligent Provisioning version

Version of the HPE Intelligent Provisioning firmware on the server