About server profiles and local storage

With a Smart Array controller, you can manage storage that is direct attached to your server hardware using server profiles.

You create logical drives in the server profile to define connections to the integrated storage controller.


When managing the integrated local storage controller on a rack-mounted server that does not support the AROC slot (slot 0), such as DL580 Gen10, HPE OneView configures local storage in the first array controller it discovers (the one with the lowest-numbered slot). For all other servers, HPE OneView will only configure storage if the server has a controller in slots 0 (preferred) or 0b (alternative).


HPE OneView does not erase data from physical drives when the server profile that specifies the drives is deleted or unassigned. It might be possible to access the data, so if you want to ensure that the data is inaccessible, erase all sensitive data before you delete the server profile or the local storage configuration.

For external storage, you can set the Erase on delete option when creating a SAS logical JBOD or logical drive.

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