About the factory reset operation

A factory reset restores the appliance to the original factory settings, but does not change the installed firmware version.


By default, the factory reset operation erases appliance data, including logs, network settings, and managed device settings in HPE OneView. You have the option of explicitly preserving network settings and logs. The preserve network settings option also preserves the cryptography mode.

Preserving network settings is the safest option when trying to recover an appliance from an error because the appliance remains accessible from the network.

Ensure that you have a recent backup file before performing this operation.

The factory reset operation can be performed from the UI or from the appliance maintenance console.

Use the factory reset operation for either of these reasons:

  • To decommission the appliance so that you can migrate the hardware.

  • To return the appliance to a known state for reuse (for example, to restore the appliance from a backup file).