Create a support dump file

Use this procedure to create a support dump file for the appliance only or for the logical enclosure and the appliance.

  • Privileges: Network administrator, Server administrator, Infrastructure administrator, Backup administrator, Read only


    Only the Infrastructure administrator has the option of not encrypting a support dump file. When a user with a different role creates a support dump file, it is encrypted automatically.

  1. For an appliance support dump file, do one of the following:
    1. From the main menu, click Settings, and then in the Appliance panel, click Create support dump.
    2. From the main menu, click Settings, click Appliance, and then select Actions > Create support dump.
  2. To create a logical enclosure support dump:
    1. From the main menu, click Logical Enclosures, and then select Actions > Create logical enclosures support dump.
  3. If you are an Infrastructure administrator, choose whether or not to encrypt the support dump file:
    1. To encrypt the support dump file, confirm that the Enable support dump encryption check box is selected.
    2. To turn off encryption, clear the Enable support dump encryption check box.
    3. To create a preview dump file, select the Enable support dump preview check box.

      The support dump preview will download before the support dump as a separate file.

  4. Click Yes, create.

    You can continue doing other tasks while the support dump file is created.

  5. The support dump file is downloaded when this task is completed. If your browser settings specify a default download folder, the support dump file is placed in that folder. Otherwise, you are prompted to indicate where to download the file.
  6. Verify that the support dump file (and the preview dump file if enabled) was saved to the correct folder.

    A support dump file downloads with filename as <hostname-identifier—timestamp.sdmp>. A preview dump file downloads with “_preview” appended to the dump filename, <hostname-identifier—timestamp_preview.sdmp>.

  7. Contact your Authorized technical support for instructions on how to transfer the support dump file to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Unless you specify otherwise, the support dump file is encrypted so that only an Authorized technical support can view its contents.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise data retention policy requires that all sent support dump files be deleted after use.

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