Reset the Appliance to the original factory settings

A factory reset restores the appliance to the original factory settings. It does not change the installed firmware version.

You have the option of preserving or erasing the appliance network settings. A factory reset with preserved network settings is necessary for recovering an appliance from an unrecoverable error state. This option clears most faults so that you can restore the appliance from an appliance backup file. The reset option does not change the cryptography mode.

You might need to reset the appliance either to decommission it (so that you can migrate the hardware) or to return the appliance to a known state for reuse (for example, to restore the appliance from a backup file).

  • This action erases appliance data including logs.

    This action erases appliance data including logs and managed device settings in HPE OneView.

    This action does not affect the configuration of managed devices in any way. Therefore, manual clean-up of devices might be required if HPE OneView will no longer manage them.

  • REST API calls and GUI operations are not allowed during the reset action.

  • The Preserve network settings option does not change the cryptography mode. Verify that the cryptography mode is set to the desired mode from Settings > Security, and review the Cryptography settings.

  • Minimum required privileges: Infrastructure administrator

  • Ensure that all tasks have been completed or stopped, and that all other users are logged off.

  1. If you are decommissioning the appliance and its managed environment, remove all hardware from HPE OneView management, for example:
    1. Delete or un-assign all server profiles.
    2. Delete all logical enclosures.
    3. Delete any storage volumes allocated within HPE OneView.
    4. Reset managed devices (configured through IP address pools) to default IP addressing.
  2. From the main menu, select Settings and then click Appliance.
  3. Select Actions > Factory Reset.
  4. Optionally select Preserve appliance network settings to erase the appliance data without losing network connectivity, for example, to rebuild the appliance.
  5. Select OK.
  6. If you are decommissioning the appliance, ensure that all hardware managed by HPE OneView is removed from management.

This action displays a progress bar while it is running. Logins are disabled automatically. When the appliance reset is completed after several minutes, you can log in and set up your appliance as you did for the first time.