Create Self-Signed Certificate screen details

Screen component


Required information

These entries are required for the certificate.

Country (C)

The country where you are located

State or province (ST)

The state or province where you are located

City or locality (L)

The city, town, or village where you are located

Organization name (O)

The name of your company or department, for example

Common name (CN)

The fully qualified host name of the appliance

Generate a CNSA compatible self-signed certificate This option generates a CNSA-strength self-signed certificate with RSA 3072-bit keys.

This option is not displayed on an HPE Synergy Composer 2 appliance as it has a CNSA-compliant SHA-384 RSA certificate with 3072-bit key length as its default certificate.

Optional information

These entries are optional.

Organizational unit

The name of your department, for example

Alternative name

The alternative name of the appliance

Contact person

The name of the person to contact

Email address

The email address of the contact person


The contact person's family name

Given name

The contact person's first name


The contact person's initials

DN qualifier

The distinguished name qualifier, which further identifies the certificate recipient