Add a certificate

  • Privileges:
    • Infrastructure Administrator to add certificate authority certificates and server certificates.

    • Network administrator, Server administrator, Software administrator, or Storage administrator to add server certificates.

  • One or more TLS certificates available to upload, in base64 encoded PEM format.

  • The IP address and port of a managed device or a remote server to fetch a TLS certificate.

  1. From the main menu, select Settings. In theSecurity panel, select Manage certificates.
  2. From the Manage certificates screen, select Add certificates.
  3. Select the radio button for Paste certificate or Add a certificate from an IP address.

  4. Click Validate to validate the certificate.

    Optional: Provide an alias name to easily identify the certificate.

  5. Click Add to add the certificate or click Add+ to add more certificates.

    You can add root CA and intermediate CA certificates or either of them to the appliance.

  6. Verify that the certificates are uploaded on the Manage certificates screen.
  7. Select Actions > Import appliance certificate to import the leaf level CA-signed appliance certificate.