Manage certificates screen details

Use the Manage certificate dialog box to see trusted or pre-bundled CA certificates in the appliance. From this screen, you can filter certificates based on status, edit a certificate, delete a certificate, add a certificate, and search certificates. You can search on certificates using name, state, or expiration date. Only the first 100 certificates are shown in the search result.

Screen component


Displays the status of the certificate using color indicators. Color indicators include:
  • Green: Indicates a certificate is valid.

  • Yellow: Indicates a certificate is in Warning state, for example, that the certificate is about to expire within 60 days.

  • Red: Indicates that a certificate is in Critical state, for example in an expired or in a revoked state.


Displays the alias name that was used to store the certificate. If you do not know of the alias used to store a certificate or had not provided an alias at the time of storing a certificate, use the Subject Name (common name or owner) of the certificate.


Displays the current state of the certificate.


Displays the expiration date of the certificate.


Updates the search criteria if any of the values of the certificate change. The update action does not modify or update any certificate.

Add certificates

Displays option to add certificates to be trusted by HPE OneView.


Displays option to upload a CRL and associate it with a root or an intermediate CA certificate.

Displays option to delete a certificate. Once you delete a CA certificate, all certificates issued by the CA become untrusted.

If HPE OneView was communicating to a managed device that had a leaf-level certificate or a CA-signed certificate, after one of these certificates gets deleted, HPE OneView cannot establish a secure connection with the managed device.