About snapshots


Within HPE OneView, snapshots can only be created for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage for use in managing the storage system resources.

Snapshots for HPE Nimble storage are created and managed within the Nimble storage system.

The following information applies to snapshots created within HPE OneView.

A snapshot is a virtual copy of an existing volume at a point in time. You can use a snapshot as a backup of a volume, and then use the snapshot to revert a volume to the backup, or to create new volumes from the snapshot.

A snapshot is a static copy of a volume at the point the snapshot is created. Snapshots are not updated to reflect changes in the volume since the snapshot was taken.

A new volume created from a snapshot will be the same size as the snapshot and will contain all of the data in the snapshot. The two volumes are logically unrelated, but physically, unchanged data is only stored once between the two volumes.

Reverting a volume to a snapshot will revert to the data the volume contained when the snapshot was taken. The size of the volume will remain the same as when it was reverted. For example, if you take a snapshot of a 50 GiB volume, grow the volume to 100 GiB, and then revert to the snapshot, the volume will be 100 GiB with the data from the 50 GiB snapshot.

Reverting to a snapshot of a volume will cause all data created or changed since the snapshot was taken to be lost. Backup your data to prevent data loss.