Within HPE OneView, snapshots can only be created for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage for use in managing the storage system resources.

Snapshots for HPE Nimble storage are created and managed within the Nimble storage system.

Screen component


Status icon

Status of the snapshot. See Icon descriptions for information about status icons.


The name of the snapshot.


Opens the Revert dialog, which enables you to revert to the snapshot of the volume. See About snapshots for more information.

Create volume

Opens the Create Volume From Snapshot dialog , which enables you to create a volume from the snapshot. See About snapshots for more information.

This will create a full copy based on the data in the snapshot. For large volumes, this can take a long time depending on storage system resources available for the copy action.


The X icon enables you to delete the snapshot.

Deleting the snapshot will result in loss of all data on the snapshot.

Snapshot details

The date and time the snapshot was created.


User-defined description of the snapshot.

Name on storage system

The name of the snapshot on the storage system.