Smart Update Tools: OnDemand mode

OnDemand mode is SUT default mode. OnDemand mode allows the OS administrator to write requests as command-line arguments on the host server instead of letting a service run automatically in the background. When you use this mode, the activation process only moves forward when you log into the host server and execute an Smart Update Tools command from the command line. The Firmware section of the Server Profile screen in HPE OneView is updated to reflect the current status of the firmware when SUT is running in OnDemand mode.

Run sut -stage to stage the firmware and driver components. Follow this up with sut –deploy to deploy the firmware and drivers. Post installation, run sut -status to check if a reboot is required to activate the firmware and drivers. Reboot the server during the maintenance window if required.


For Gen10 servers, HPE OneView automatically stages the firmware updates in the iLO repository. You need not execute the SUT commands to stage the updates. You can then run the deploy command to deploy the firmware and driver updates from the iLO repository.

See the command-line help in SUT for a complete list of commands. For additional information on using Smart Update Tools, see Integrated Smart Update Tools for Windows and Linux User Guide and Smart Update Tools for VMware ESXi User Guide at Smart Update Tools Information Library.