Creating logical interconnects with mixed firmware versions causes issues


A logical interconnect is in a Warning state. The module goes into Maintenance mode and an alert appears.


There is a mismatch between the firmware version of the HPE Virtual Connect SE 16Gb FC Module for HPE Synergy and the feature capabilities configured for that module. The module, which has a firmware version that does not support one or more of the feature capabilities configured in the logical interconnect, goes into maintenance. For example, if you enable trunking on the logical interconnect uplink set configuration, but the module firmware version does not support trunking, the module goes into maintenance. Trunking is not supported on modules where the firmware version is earlier than 4.0.

  1. Upgrade the firmware version of the module to 4.00.02 or later that supports trunking.


  1. Remove trunking from the uplink set configuration in the logical interconnect and logical interconnect group.