Pause flood condition detected on a Flex-10 or Flex-20 physical downlink port


All Flex-10 or Flex-20 logical ports associated with physical ports are disabled.


When pause flood protection is enabled, this feature detects pause flood conditions on server downlink ports and disables the port. The port remains disabled until an administrative action is taken.

  1. Resolve the issue with the NIC on the server causing the continuous pause generation. This might include updating the NIC firmware and device drivers.

    Rebooting the server might not clear the pause flood condition if the cause of the pause flood condition is in the NIC firmware. In this case, the server must be completely disconnected from the power source to reset the NIC firmware.

  2. Re-enable the disabled ports by resetting the pause flood protection.

    You can reset pause flood protection from the Actions menu on the Interconnects screen.