Cannot add server for a directory service


You cannot configure a server for the directory service.

Solution 1

The appliance lost connection with the directory service, but that connection was lost.

  1. Verify that the settings for the directory service host are accurate.
  2. Verify that the correct port is used for the directory service.
  3. Verify that the port (default port 636) you are using for communication is not blocked by any firewalls.
  4. Ping a host name or IP address on the directory service host’s IP address or host name to determine if it is on-line.
  5. Verify that the appliance network is operating correctly.
  6. If the appliance is hosted on a virtual machine, determine that it is functioning properly and there are enough resources.
Solution 2

There is an authentication error when logging in to the server for the directory service.

  1. Verify that the login name and password are accurate.
  2. Reacquire and install the directory service host certificate.
  3. Contact the directory service provider to ensure that the credentials are accurate.
Solution 3

There are incorrect parameters when the directory service was configured.

  1. Verify that the name of the directory service is unique and entered correctly. Duplicate names are not accepted.
  2. Verify that the Directory type is correct.
  3. Ensure that the Base DN fields and, for OpenLDAP, the User naming attribute field, and Organizational unit fields are correct.
  4. Verify that the credentials of the authentication directory service administrator are correct.
  5. Verify that the group is configured in the directory service.