Scope-based access control implementation process

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Add a local user with specialized access

Use this procedure to add a user with access to a subset of resources based on job responsibilities, when your appliance authentication configuration is set to LOCAL.

  • Privileges: Infrastructure administrator

  • You must have the following information:

    • User's unique identifier name

    • Initial password

    • User's full name

    • Optional: Contact information for the user


  1. From the main menu, select Users and Groups > Actions > Add, or click + Add user from the Users and Groups screen.
  2. Enter the data requested on the screen.
  3. Assign one or more permissions to the user by performing the following:
    1. Select a role from the drop-down list to assign to the user.
    2. Optional: Select a scope from the drop-down list to assign to the user.
      If user access is to be restricted to resources within a given scope, then select the scope from the drop-down list. Otherwise, select All resources.
    3. Click Add permission to assign additional permissions.
  4. Click Add to create the user account, or click Add + to add another user.
  5. Click Close.
  6. Verify the configuration on the Users and Groups screen.