Reset the administrator password

If you lose or forget the administrator password, use the following operation to reset it. The operation allows you to set a single-use password for the local administrator account.


This operation resets the password for a local administrator account on the appliance. It does not apply to administrator accounts authenticated by a directory service.

You will need to access the Maintenance console from the appliance console, access a unique request code, and telephone your authorized support representative, who will send an authorization code after verifying your information.

  1. Access the appliance console.
  2. Access the Maintenance console main menu.
  3. Select Reset password.

    The Maintenance console displays a request code.


    The request code is valid only while you are on the Password reset screen of the Maintenance console. If you return to the main menu or end the Maintenance console session, the request code will be invalid. You will need to start this procedure over again to acquire a new request code.

  4. Telephone your authorized support representative and provide that person with the following information:
    • The name of the person requesting the password to be reset.

    • The name of the company that owns the appliance.

    • The request code from the Maintenance console.

    The authorized support representative verifies the information and then sends a message to the authorized email address on file. This message contains the authorization code, also known as a response code. An ISO image, which is also the authorization code, is attached to the message.

  5. Do one of the following to enter the authorization code in the response field.

    You must enter the authorization code within one hour or it becomes invalid.

    1. If you are able to paste information into the Maintenance console, copy the authorization code from the email message and paste it into the response field of the Maintenance console.
    2. Read the authorization code from the ISO image:
      • Save the ISO image attached to the email message.

      • Mount the ISO image as a virtual media mount (a virtual CD-ROM).

      • Select Read from ISO in the Maintenance console.

      • The Maintenance console reads the ISO image and, after a moment, automatically fills in the response field with the authorization code.

    3. Type the authorization code into the response field.
  6. Determine a single-use administrator password.
  7. When prompted, enter and reenter the new password.
  8. Select OK to set the single-use password.
  9. Log into the UI with this account, using the single-use password.
  10. Set a new password for this account in the screen provided.
  11. Verify by logging out, then logging into this account with the new password.