Edit your local user account

You can edit your own local user account to:

  • Reset your password.

  • Change your contact information.


You cannot change your login name or assign yourself privileges. Only the Infrastructure administrator can assign you privileges. The Infrastructure administrator cannot change your login name.


You have a local user account.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Use the Actions menu:

      1. From the main menu, select APPLIANCE > Users and Groups.
      2. Select your user account.

      3. Select Actions > Edit to change the user account settings.

    • Use the Session icon:

      1. From the banner, click the Session icon ().).

      2. Click the Edit icon next to your account name.

  2. Edit the data requested on the Edit account screen. See Add or Edit User screen details if you need assistance with your entries.
  3. Click OK.