About the Utilization panel

The Enclosures, Interconnects, Power Delivery Devices, Racks, Server Hardware, and Storage Systems screens display a Utilization menu for each resource.

The possible states of the Utilization panel are:

Panel contents


Utilization meters display utilization data.

Data the appliance has collected is displayed. Expanding each of the resource names displays the utilization details for that resource.

A licensing message is displayed.

Server hardware without an iLO Advanced license will not display utilization data.

no data is displayed.

The appliance has not collected data during the previous 24 hours.

not set is displayed (a gray meter with hash marks).

The meter might not be set for the following reasons:

  • The page is loading and the data is not yet available.

  • There is no utilization data prior to the most recent five-minute collection period. There might be historic data in the utilization graphs.

  • Enclosures will not display temperature data if none of the servers are powered on.

  • Racks will not display data if there are no devices mounted on the rack and the rack thermal limit is not set.

not supported is displayed.

Utilization data gathering is not supported on the device.

Hover your pointer over a utilization meter to see a graph of the metric data over the last 24 hours.

Click a utilization meter to go to the Utilization screen to view Utilization graphs.