Change the time range displayed in a utilization graph

You can manipulate utilization graphs to display data for different time ranges. From the navigation graph, you can change the time range of the utilization data displayed in the primary graph. The maximum time range is three years. See About utilization graphs and meters for more information.

The minimum data collection interval is five minutes (averaged), and the maximum data collection interval is one hour (averaged).

Changing the time range displayed on a utilization graph



24 hours

Click a point on the navigation graph to display the 12 hours before and after that point (a 24-hour period) on the primary graph.

User-defined range

On the navigation graph, hover your pointer over where you want the range to begin, and then click and drag your pointer to the end of the range. The range that you select is displayed in the primary graph. You can also use this method on the primary graph to narrow the range.

Single point

Hover your pointer over a point on the data line in the primary graph. The UI displays the value, date, and time of the data point.

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