Volume Attachments

Volume attachments define data paths between volumes and server profiles. The Volume Attachments view enables you to view the volume attachment. To edit volume attachments, you must access them from the Server Profiles screen.

Screen component


Attachment Status


The status of the volume attachment. See Icon descriptions for more information.

Server Profile

The server profile to which the volume attachment is connected. The profile name links to the profile details on the Server Profiles screen.


The LUN of the volume attachment. If the LUN is not yet provisioned, such as when the profile is unassigned, the LUN is set to Auto.

Storage paths menu

The profile connection name or the connection ID of the volume attachment.


The network that is associated with the SAN in the volume attachment. The network name links to the network details on the Networks screen.


The SAN to which the volume is connected. The SAN name links to the SAN details on the SANs screen.

Storage System Ports

The names of the storage system, port groups, and port names defined in the volume attachment. The storage system name links to the storage system details on the Storage Systems screen.


The enabled state of the volume attachment; can be Yes or No.