Cannot create or download a backup file for HPE OneView


A backup file could not be created or downloaded.

Solution 1

Other related operations are in progress. Only one backup file can be created at a time. A backup file cannot be created during the restore operation or while a previous backup file is being uploaded or downloaded.

  1. Log in as the Infrastructure administrator.
  2. Verify that no other backup or restore operation is running. Look for a progress bar in the Settings screen or a completion noted in the Activity sidebar.
  3. Wait until the operation is complete.
  4. If an alert appears, follow its resolution to
    • Retry the backup operation.

    • If the backup operation fails, restart the appliance.

    • Run the backup operation again after restarting the appliance.

Solution 2

Network connectivity issues prevent the download.

Ensure that the network is correctly configured and performing as expected.
Solution 3

A profile operation was running during the backup operation resulting in any of the following:

  • Duplicate GUIDs in the network

  • Server with settings from a previous profile

  • Error message: The operation was interrupted

  • Error message: The configuration is inconsistent

  1. Log in as the Infrastructure administrator.
  2. Identify the server affected.
  3. Unassign the profile from the server.
  4. Reassign the profile to the server.

    If either error message was reported, determine any factors (not related to HPE OneView) that contributed to this condition, such as:

    • Was the server moved?

    • Was the server power turned off?

  5. Create a support dump file.
  6. Report this issue to your authorized support representative.