Interconnect module is in Unmanaged state

Solution 1

Interconnect bay has a mismatch with the expected type. The logical interconnect group is expecting a different interconnect than what is in the enclosure.

  1. Remove the unexpected interconnect from the enclosure.
  2. Insert the expected interconnect into the enclosure.
  3. Use the interconnect by updating the logical interconnect group.
Solution 2

Interconnect has firmware installed which is less than the minimum supported baseline version.


For a Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnect:

  • The enclosure must contain a Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnect with IPv6 addresses.
  • The enclosure must contain only a Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnect by itself or with other Virtual Connect Fibre Channel interconnects.

For minimum supported interconnect firmware versions, see HPE OneView Support Matrix.

  1. Remove an enclosure from the Enclosures screen.
  2. Update the firmware for Virtual Connect interconnects configured for Fibre Channel networks
  3. Add the enclosure on the Enclosures screen.
  4. For an interconnect that is not a Virtual Connect Fibre Channel, Stage and activate firmware for update from logical interconnect