Server profile is not created or updated correctly in HPE OneView


When a server profile is not created or updated correctly, a notification appears at the top of the screen stating the profile operation was not successful; click the notification area to show more details. Also, the status icon next to the server profile name indicates it is in an Error condition (Error). The profile remains on the appliance, but you must edit the profile to correct it. When you correct the server profile, the profile status changes to OK (OK ) .


Server profile is not created or updated correctly.

  1. Verify that the prerequisitesCreate and apply a server profile.
  2. Verify that the following conditions are TRUE:
    • The latest SPP is installed and applied.

    • A profile name has been entered and is unique.

    • The selected server hardware is powered off. Power off a server

    • The server hardware is in the No Profile Applied state, has the correct firmware, the ports are mapped to the correct interconnect, and the device bay has no profile assigned to it.

    • The server hardware is able to power cycle, and a user did not shut down the server hardware while the profile settings were being applied.

    • You applied the correct iLO and system ROM firmware levels. View the firmware repository

    • You are using supported server hardware.

    • The iLO has an IP address and network connectivity.

    • Communication exists with the server hardware iLO, including but not limited to whether the iLO is functioning, network cabling is connected and functional, and there are no problems with switches or interconnects in the management network.

    • The appliance and managed resources are not separated by a firewall.

    • The add enclosure operation successfully completed.

    • The add server hardware operation successfully completed.

    • The specified network or network set is available on the server hardware port.

    • The interconnects are in the Configured state, and have the correct firmware.

    • The logical interconnect configuration matches its logical interconnect group.

    • There are no duplicate networks on a physical port.

    • If multiple adapters are installed, all adapters must have the same firmware version.

    • User-specified addresses are unique and have correct format.

  3. When the issues have been addressed, either edit the profile or delete the profile and create another profile.

    If the server profile has duplicate networks on the same physical port:

    • Change the connection to a different port.

    • Change the connection to use a different VLAN.