Cannot remove a server


Lack of connectivity with the server hardware can prevent the remove action from being successful.

  1. The server is not removed from the appliance. The likely cause is an internal problem on the appliance and the best resolution is to follow the instructions in the notification panel. The server is removed but due to communication failure, the configuration requires manual intervention to correct. To forcibly remove a server due to connectivity failure, Forcibly remove a server .
  2. In the case where manual configuration is needed, investigate the following: The management URL might still point to the appliance, leave it alone. To manually clean up after removal, use the Force option to add the server back under a new appliance manager.
  3. Remove _HPEOneViewAdmin administrative user, from the list of iLO users through the iLO.
  4. Remove the SNMP trap destination, which is the IP address of the appliance, from the list of trap targets.
  5. Navigate to the HPE OneView page in the iLO web interface, and then click the Delete button in the Delete this remote manager configuration from this iLO dialog.