HPE Smart Storage Administrator

HPE SSA is the main tool for configuring arrays on HPE Smart Array SR controllers. It exists in three interface formats: the HPE SSA GUI, the HPE SSA CLI, and HPE SSA Scripting. All formats provide support for configuration tasks. Some of the advanced tasks are available in only one format.

The diagnostic features in HPE SSA are also available in the standalone software HPE Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostics Utility CLI.

During the initial provisioning of the server or compute module, an array is required to be configured before the operating system can be installed. You can configure the array using SSA.

HPE SSA is accessible both offline (either through HPE Intelligent Provisioning or as a standalone bootable ISO image) and online:

  • Accessing HPE SSA in the offline environment
    IMPORTANT: If you are updating an existing server in an offline environment, obtain the latest version of HPE SSA through Service Pack for ProLiant before performing configuration procedures.

    Using one of multiple methods, you can run HPE SSA before launching the host operating system. In offline mode, users can configure or maintain detected and supported devices, such as optional Smart Array controllers and integrated Smart Array controllers. Some HPE SSA features are only available in the offline environment, such as setting the boot controller and boot volume.

  • Accessing HPE SSA in the online environment

    This method requires an administrator to download the HPE SSA executables and install them. You can run HPE SSA online after launching the host operating system.

For more information, see HPE Smart Array SR Gen10 Configuration Guide at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website.