HPE Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Guidelines

CAUTION: Always observe the guidelines in this document. Failure to follow these guidelines can cause hardware damage or halt data access.

When installing or replacing a TPM, observe the following guidelines:

  • Do not remove an installed TPM. Once installed, the TPM is bound to the system board. If an OS is configured to use the TPM and it is removed, the OS may go into recovery mode, data loss can occur, or both.

  • When installing or replacing hardware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise service providers cannot enable the TPM or the encryption technology. For security reasons, only the customer can enable these features.

  • When returning a system board for service replacement, do not remove the TPM from the system board. When requested, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Service provides a TPM with the spare system board.

  • Any attempt to remove the cover of an installed TPM from the system board can damage the TPM cover, the TPM, and the system board.

  • If the TPM is removed from the original server and powered up on a different server, data stored in the TPM including keys will be erased.

  • When using BitLocker, always retain the recovery key/password. The recovery key/password is required to complete Recovery Mode after BitLocker detects a possible compromise of system integrity or system configuration.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise is not liable for blocked data access caused by improper TPM use. For operating instructions, see the TPM documentation or the encryption technology feature documentation provided by the operating system.