Systems Insight Display LEDs

The Systems Insight Display LEDs represent the system board layout. The display enables diagnosis with the access panel installed.

Systems Insight Display layout



Processor LEDs

Off = Normal

Amber = Failed processor


Off = Normal

Amber = Failed DIMM or configuration issue

Fan LEDs

Off = Normal

Amber = Failed fan or missing fan


Off = No link to network

Solid green = Network link

Flashing green = Network link with activity

If power is off, the front panel LED is not active. For status, see Rear panel LEDs.

Power supply LEDs

Off = Normal

Solid amber = Power subsystem degraded, power supply failure, or input power lost.

PCI riser LED

Off = Normal

Amber = Incorrectly installed PCI riser cage

Over temp LED

Off = Normal

Amber = High system temperature detected

Amp Status LED

Off = AMP modes disabled

Solid green = AMP mode enabled

Solid amber = Failover

Flashing amber = Invalid configuration

Power cap LED

Off = System is in standby, or no cap is set.

Solid green = Power cap applied


For Networking Choice server models, the embedded NIC ports are not equipped on the server. Therefore, the NIC LEDs on the Systems Insight Display will flash based on the FlexibleLOM network port activity. In the case of a dual-port FlexibleLOM, only NIC LED 1 and 2 will illuminate to correspond with the activity of the respective network ports.

When the health LED on the front panel illuminates either amber or red, the server is experiencing a health event. For more information on the combination of these LEDs, see Systems Insight Display combined LED descriptions).