Installing a Universal Media Bay


Before you perform this procedure, make sure that you have the following items available:

  • The components included with the hardware option kit

  • T-10 Torx screwdriver

  1. Power down the server.
  2. Remove all power:
    1. Disconnect each power cord from the power source.
    2. Disconnect each power cord from the server.
  3. Do one of the following:
  4. Remove the access panel.
  5. Remove the air baffle.
  6. Remove the fan cage.
  7. Remove the bay blank.
    Removing the front bay blank
  8. Route the USB and video cables through the opening.
  9. If installing a two-bay SFF front drive cage, install the drive cage.
  10. Install the universal media bay.
    Installing the VGA/USB/ODD option
  11. (Optional) Install the optical disc drive.
    Installing the optical disc drive
  12. Connect the cables.
  13. Install the fan cage.
  14. Install the air baffle.
  15. Install the access panel.
  16. Slide the server into the rack.
  17. Connect each power cord to the server.
  18. Connect each power cord to the power source.
  19. Power up the server.

The installation is complete.