NVDIMM relocation guidelines

Requirements for relocating NVDIMMs or a set of NVDIMMs when the data must be preserved

  • The destination server hardware must match the original server hardware configuration.
  • All System Utilities settings in the destination server must match the original System Utilities settings in the original server.
  • If NVDIMM-Ns are used with NVDIMM Interleaving ON mode in the original server, do the following:
    • Install the NVDIMMs in the same DIMM slots in the destination server.

    • Install the entire NVDIMM set (all the NVDIMM-Ns on the processor) on the destination server.

    This guideline would apply when replacing a system board due to system failure.

    If any of the requirements cannot be met during NVDIMM relocation, do the following:
    • Manually back up the NVDIMM-N data before relocating NVDIMM-Ns to another server.

    • Relocate the NVDIMM-Ns to another server.

    • Sanitize all NVDIMM-Ns on the new server before using them.

Requirements for relocating NVDIMMs or a set of NVDIMMs when the data does not have to be preserved

If data on the NVDIMM-N or set of NVDIMM-Ns does not have to be preserved, then
  • Move the NVDIMM-Ns to the new location and sanitize all NVDIMM-Ns after installing them to the new location. For more information, see NVDIMM sanitization.
  • Observe all DIMM and NVDIMM population guidelines. For more information, see DIMM and NVDIMM population information.

  • Observe the process for removing an NVDIMM.
  • Observe the process for installing an NVDIMM.
  • Review and configure the system settings for NVDIMMs. For more information, see Configuring the server for NVDIMMs .