iLO Federation

iLO Federation enables you to manage multiple servers from one system using the iLO web interface.

When configured for iLO Federation, iLO uses multicast discovery and peer-to-peer communication to enable communication between the systems in iLO Federation groups.

When you navigate to one of the iLO Federation pages, a data request is sent from the iLO system running the web interface to its peers, and from those peers to other peers until all data for the selected iLO Federation group is retrieved.

iLO supports the following features:

  • Group health status—View server health and model information.

  • Group virtual media—Connect URL-based media for access by a group of servers.

  • Group power control—Manage the power status of a group of servers.

  • Group power capping—Set dynamic power caps for a group of servers.

  • Group firmware update—Update the firmware of a group of servers.

  • Group license installation—Enter a license key to activate iLO licensed features on a group of servers.

  • Group configuration—Add iLO Federation group memberships for multiple iLO systems.

Any user can view information on iLO Federation pages, but a license is required for using the following features: Group virtual media, Group power control, Group power capping, Group configuration, and Group firmware update.

For more information about iLO Federation, see the iLO user guide at the following website: