Intelligent Provisioning

Intelligent Provisioning is a single-server deployment tool embedded in ProLiant servers and HPE Synergy compute modules. Intelligent Provisioning simplifies server setup, providing a reliable and consistent way to deploy servers.

Intelligent Provisioning 3.30 and later includes HPE Rapid Setup Software. When you launch F10 mode from the POST screen, you are prompted to select whether you want to enter the Intelligent Provisioning or HPE Rapid Setup Software mode.


After you have selected a mode, you must reprovision the server to change the mode that launches when you boot to F10.

Intelligent Provisioning prepares the system for installing original, licensed vendor media and Hewlett Packard Enterprise-branded versions of OS software. Intelligent Provisioning also prepares the system to integrate optimized server support software from the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP). SPP is a comprehensive systems software and firmware solution for ProLiant servers, server blades, their enclosures, and HPE Synergy compute modules. These components are preloaded with a basic set of firmware and OS components that are installed along with Intelligent Provisioning.


HPE ProLiant DX/XL servers do not support operating system installation with Intelligent Provisioning, but they do support the maintenance features. For more information, see "Performing Maintenance" in the Intelligent Provisioning user guide and online help.

After the server is running, you can update the firmware to install additional components. You can also update any components that have been outdated since the server was manufactured.

To access Intelligent Provisioning:
  • Press F10 from the POST screen and enter either Intelligent Provisioning or HPE Rapid Setup Software.

  • From the iLO web interface using Always On. Always On allows you to access Intelligent Provisioning without rebooting your server.