Intelligent Provisioning operation


Intelligent Provisioning 3.40 and later requires iLO firmware version 2.10.

Intelligent Provisioning includes the following components:

  • Critical boot drivers

  • Active Health System (AHS)

  • Erase Utility

  • Deployment Settings

  • Although your server is preloaded with firmware and drivers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends updating the firmware upon initial setup. Also, downloading and updating the latest version of Intelligent Provisioning ensures the latest supported features are available.

  • For ProLiant servers, firmware is updated using the Intelligent Provisioning Firmware Update utility.

  • Do not update firmware if the version you are currently running is required for compatibility.


Intelligent Provisioning does not function within multihomed configurations. A multihomed host is one that is connected to two or more networks or has two or more IP addresses.

Intelligent Provisioning provides installation help for the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows Server

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

  • VMware ESXi/vSphere Custom Image

  • ClearOS

Not all versions of an OS are supported. For information about specific versions of a supported operating system, see the OS Support Matrix on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website (