Updating the firmware from the UEFI Embedded Shell

  1. Access the System ROM Flash Binary component for your server from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Support Center (https://www.hpe.com/support/hpesc).
  2. Copy the binary file to a USB media or iLO virtual media.
  3. Attach the media to the server.
  4. Boot to the UEFI Embedded Shell.
  5. To obtain the assigned file system volume for the USB key, enter map –r.
  6. Change to the file system that contains the System ROM Flash Binary component for your server. Enter one of the fsx file systems available, such as fs0: or fs1:, and press Enter.
  7. Use the cd command to change from the current directory to the directory that contains the binary file.
  8. Flash the system ROM by entering fwupdate –d BIOS -f filename.
  9. Reboot the server. A reboot is required after the firmware update in order for the updates to take effect and for hardware stability to be maintained.